Senior Thoughts and Advice

October 18, 2023 Madison Lewis

As I approach my December graduation, I take a look back at all that has changed and feel both blessed and amazed. Since freshman year, I have added a major, made new and different friends, and even formed a new club on campus. I’ve been involved in several organizations, been part of great on-campus jobs, and taken loads of courses over the years. This last semester has caused me to stop and reflect. I’ve been almost forced to slow down and appreciate what I’ve been blessed with because I know much of it will change when I graduate. 

Madison with camera

Madison has worked on the Visual Media Team as a student worker, covering various events, from move-in to BOT meetings.

My biggest takeaway from this semester is realizing that time is limited. A college student only has four years on campus; for me, only three and a half. This is time that can be used to make a difference or to be complacent. I have had to wrestle with how I use my time. Do I selfishly stay in my room watching YouTube, or do I go out and build relationships with those who need a friend? College, like life, is about choices. Make sure that the choices you make matter. 

On a practical note, my advice for current college students is to get connected and networked early on rather than later. Keep your resume polished, and be intentional with the people you meet. Introduce yourself at events, get plugged in with organizations, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Getting involved with Circle K, a service organization on campus, led me to meet a Kiwanis member who introduced me to a company whom I completed my internship with. Never underestimate the power of getting involved. 

Another practical tip is to find a church. I attend Southside Baptist Church, and having a community to lean on and friends to hang out with has been essential to my time in college. Don’t neglect your time with God and the church just because you go to a Christian school that offers a Chapel service. Recognize your need for the Lord daily and find others who can encourage you in your walk. The Baptist Student Ministry was a huge help to my spiritual walk. 

Many of my “lasts” at college are approaching, and I can either let this truth cripple me or push me forward into my next chapter of life. I hope and pray that my last class, my last final, and my last shift at work will be filled with joy amid the sadness, knowing that the Lord has planned many great things for my future.